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I'd like to share this experience, I had some time ago, I remember many times with great clarity. When I was in my 20 years, I lived for a time in the mobile home site and the end of my todorelatos little bedroom was overlooked by the other at a height slightly higher. This caravan has been occupied by a couple who had recently moved in I was left alone on a morning when my parents had to work and I happened to notice that she looks out the window. I stand up I could not see, but with the reflection of a mirror, I see that I was with some interest in my window, I just put my pajama pants. I was excited at the thought of wanting, so check with the mirror set, which began with the storage of my clothes on a shelf above the window. Then, when I knew that was all I sought attention by the chains of my pajamas. I could not stop a full erection and I could see his todorelatos eyes with a smile through the advance in the face. I remember the excitement of the fiinternally covered pajamas, while you search for them. I moved out of sight and I wondered what could I do, it is natural to stand naked appeared. I took a sewing tape measure in sight and then came back and pretended to measure my todorelatos penis and record the measurements in a notebook (which is raised a few smiles ). I also took the opportunity to play with me so she could get a good view. I was so excited it's only a matter of time before going over the threshold and could not todorelatos hold a terrifying climax. I looked like I came and saw how they express disbelief ( disgust? ) Once again, as I was reaching my peak. I'm not sure he'd seen the actual evidence of my orgasm by the reflection of the glass window, but I knew my body mmovements left no doubt what had happened, especially when she saw my penis contract, to its flaccid. After that I felt very guilty that I had done and was her husband 's concerns and complaints. I went through the wiNdowa and avoid the possibility of finding them. However, the inevitable happens, and when I returned from shopping, she was out and asked me to help move a tank of gas. Appeared generally friendly, asked me my name and so on and thanked me for my help. The only clue that might have made a double meaning was an observation that is good to have a strong man around. So a few days later, todorelatos when I was on my own again I did in my pajama pants and was looking out the window. Our relationship with the voyeur and exhibitionist continue throughout the summer and looking back now, I'm sure everyone enjoyed todorelatos the experience. Once I knew not to bother, I would be able to reach orgasm exhibitionist free. What I found an expression of disgust was actually an extreme anticipation, always had, as she looked at me closer to my orgasm. When approached, sometimes with her ​​husband, who used to smile and say helloand that was it. There never was a look of recognition, or inference to reality. When my parents found a house that had to go on and never had a chance to say goodbye. But the memory of that summer in the biggest of my mind and sometimes still is, usually in the early hours of the morning, the time I todorelatos can remember every detail. In fact, as I close my eys, I can see your reflection, and she has that smile half interest.
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